Mother, Artist, Designer, Photographer

Stephanie A White – Artist

My name is Stephanie A White. I would consider myself a true artist at heart. My inspiration comes from colors in nature along with the vibrant colors in glass. I have spent more than 18 years designing jewelry that is displayed on my website SWCreations. In the past I have dabbled in quilting, scrapbooking, photography, and other various crafts. Originally, I began photographing flowers to use in my website designs. This evolved into photographing animals and nature. Some of my photographs are listed on iStock studio. Eventually I realized I needed to pick some crafts and focus on those primarily.

Over the past several years, I have been learning to make my own lampwork glass beads. I must say this craft is quite challenging to master. Oftentimes, I feel rather frustrated and that I am not making progress as I would like. Living in Texas adds to the difficulty because my studio is in my garage and during the summer it can become too hot to work in there. I have made a ton of beads and I am not sure what is preventing me from using them in my jewelry designs. This week, something happened and these beads turned out quite lovely. There is no way I would claim to be an expert at lampworking, but I think I have turned  corner now.

This website will continue to evolve as I decide what direction I want to take with it. In one of Patsy Evins video she mentioned writing things down so you remember. Also, on the Alchemistress blog, she mentioned she did that blog for herself. This makes a lot of sense to see your own progress and remember what combinations worked or even what did not work. Enjoy browsing through this ever evolving website.

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