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Vivid Pink Lampwork Glass Beads


This bead made me pretty happy coming out of the kiln. I do not think I used anything other than Double Helix Clio glass, but I did not do the greatest job on encasing. I started with a base of white, layers striking orange, followed by clear, then Clio, and then added more Zephyr. I also added fine silver stringers into the bead and encased the droplets.



The iridescent swirls on top of the bead are really due to my not fully encasing the double helix glass. Some of the glass that rose to the surface and struck. The bead still looks very pretty and I think the swirls look nice on this bead. There are also some nice vibrant purples inside the glass. One of my goals is to achieve a vivid purple, but I have not accomplished that yet.

In the bead above, I layered Double Helix Ossa on a black glass base. In addition to the layers of clear Zephyr, I also added a dark violet and this did give off more purple tones to this bead. Layering can certainly create some interesting colors or some really ugly ones. However, I realize some of the most interesting beads have a lot of layers to achieve their look.


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