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Messy Pachyderm CIM Lampwork Beads


Sometimes happy accidents happen when you least expect it. I was testing out Pachyderm by CIM and when I added black, it spread out on the bead. The decorations inside the black stayed put and so the bead isn’t ugly. It just wasn’t the outcome I expected.

So, that made me wonder what certain Frits might behave on this glass. They looked really great. Now, I need to figure out which of my glass behave like Pachyderm.


Drama Cream (not reduced)

Fleeting Beauty (no)

OMG (maybe)

Royal Balet (yes)

Multicolor Dark (yes)

Tequila Sunrise

Bordeaux (jury is still out)

Violet Fire (maybe)

Purple Rose (yes)

Honestly, after pulling these out of the kiln, none of the beads look bad. I like some more than others, but this color actually made a great base. I would say it works as well as Messy Oyster Mushroom.

Although, I am a little mad at this color. On Wednesday I picked up a shocky rods and lost 1/4 the rod just exploding. I should have stopped there, but I didn’t, and ended up burning my finger. New lampwork scar on the horizon.


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