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Accidental Fuming in Lampwork Beads


In this bead, there was some accidental fuming that happened. You can barely see it through the camera but it gives off this sepia hue on the bead. It doesn’t look horrible on the bead an almost makes it look antique-like. However, this is something I would want to avoid unless I want that golden/yellow hues. This seems to happen when I apply the silver dots too close to the flame instead of outside the flame.

The flowers looked good on this bead and the core was made of grump bear, I think. I noticed that glass was extremely stuff and harder to heat up. This made it nearly impossible to get the dichroic glass to stick. In my next bead, I decided to try a clear layer of glass over the blue before applying the dichroic strips.

Also, applying silver glass while shaping didn’t have the best outcome. They aren’t bad but they just look like brown spots on the bead. Next time, I will try applying the silver glass last or use a sold non-silver glass.

Apply the extra layer of silver over the blue did work better in making the dichroic glass stick. However, the above looks like the glitter in a snow globe. So the outcome was more interesting than the one below. The flowers in the second bead were more misshapen than the bead above. Plus, the bead wasn’t as uniform.

The bead actually looked very pretty as a barrel and I almost wish I hadn’t flattened it. I did like the blue glass in the flowers because they are bolder than the purple. The purple created pastel flowers.




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