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Triton Double Helix and Silver Foil Lampwork Bead


In this bead, I started with a black base, added silver foil, some ivory and copper green, then triton Double Helix. The bead looks very pretty and I love the way silver looks in the glass when it is not melted into the glass. It reminds me of how fools gold looks.

Using black does add a nice contrast in the background. I only wish I had added a little less glass over the silver foil so you could see more of the effects inside the glass. I need to add the glass sparingly or use more transparent instead. The silver foil ads fantastic depth to the bead and it some places it looks gold and other silver. I would like to try this with clockwork orange and different double helix glass.

This picture had too much sunlight, but it made the bead look fiery. Interesting look.




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