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Purple and Aqua Focal Beads with Foil


I really like how this lampwork bead turned out and I wish it was as dark of a purple as it shows in this picture. I will have to try adding more layers to deepen the purple. I added gold mica to this bead, but I am not sure it was worth the trouble. I would have been better off added goldstone stringers instead.

Depending on the light outside, the pictures show a slightly lighter purple than in the picture above. In the center, there is a wavy silver ivory stringer. It might be worth adding goldstone stringers around the silver ivory stringer or vice versa.


In this bead, there is also frit spread with clear across the turquoise half and I do like that effect. This added extra dimension with the different colors.

Another challenge was avoiding burning off the silver foil when added the transparent glass. Although bead turned out pretty anyway.

Another thing I have been testing is using clear Effetre as my base beneath the white. Since I have a habit of losing control of white beads, I thought it might help me retain my shape. It does seem like it was easier to maintain shape, but I found it was harder to shape my ends.

I did the same thing with this red bead and had the exact same issue. The ends are not as tapered as I would have liked.

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