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Dichroic Lampwork Focal Bead


In this bead, the combinations worked extremely well together and I am quite pleased with the outcome. I had some difficulty creating a focal bead to match. This bead was created with CIM Dragon and Effetre Copper Green, but the colors turned out completely different after adding Northern Lights frit.

Also, the dichroic looks gorgeous in this bead. It is actually a plain silver dichroic glass, but the base glass and reflection off the other colors just made it pop. The dichroic is outlined with a silver ivory stringer.

The Dragon (top color) should have looked more green blue instead of purple and the copper green (bottom color) turned out more of an aqua color. Perhaps this was a reaction from the frit and Double Helix Zephyr. After looking at these colors it makes me wonder if it was Dragon that looks aqua. Either way, the colors changed.

It isn’t adding the frit that caused this color change because all of these beads are made with Northern Lights frit and not one matches the focal bead.


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